Thursday, September 22, 2011

So, during class today, I started thinking about two separate subjects; one on Bertha Mason and one on Mr. Smith. I’ll start with Bertha. In class we talked about how much of an animal Bertha is and how it’s acceptable for her to be locked up inside her husband’s home. What I was thinking, and I’m probably way far off, but that maybe Bertha finds her husband’s locking her up as ridiculous, so when he brings people up to come see her, she acts more wild. So basically it would be like if she said, “Okay, if he thinks I’m an animal, I’ll give him and animal.” That is just something I could picture coming up in our next book. Although she may be truly sick, I do think she could be playing it up a bit to give her life some fun. I don’t think she gives Grace such a hard time because maybe she lets Grace see a “real” side of her. Now to Mr. Smith. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, or the fact that I just love a good love story, but I feel like Mr. Smith and Jane could have some sort of a romantic relationship as the story progresses. The only thing holding be back from this is that Jane doesn’t seem to like that. I think that they would be good together because he isn’t rich, accepts her for who she is, and has a similar passage as she does. Let me know what you think J

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog #1

Hey guys! So I’m kind of nervous about writing a blog. I have never done it before and I don’t really feel comfortable about my writing. Also, I don’t like other people reading what I write because I feel like I don’t have the same thoughts or as intellectual of thoughts as some of you might have. Well…here we go! Okay, so I would love to start off with the fact that I absolutely love Jane Erye. My two favorite books are Great Expectations and The Grapes of Wrath, so the style of this novel is something that I feel comfortable with. I think that the author of this book has done very with how she phrases her sentences and how she chooses her vocabulary. So far, I think the part that has really hit me is when Jane sticks up to Mrs. Reed early on in the book. I think that this shows how she is starting to become assertive, not aggressive in her “wicked” ways. I also like this part because I have a hard time being assertive and I could picture myself as Jane while reading. Moreover, I think that this is where Jane finally starts to see her self as a subject, not an object, which is what we mentioned I in class. Just a side note, I’m pretty shy about speaking in class, but I love to read and I do listen to what everyone says, even though I don’t speak. J Also, I immediately could tell that when Jane saw Mr. Rochester for the first time that she was in love. Did any body else get that feeling? What do you guys think?