Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog #1

Hey guys! So I’m kind of nervous about writing a blog. I have never done it before and I don’t really feel comfortable about my writing. Also, I don’t like other people reading what I write because I feel like I don’t have the same thoughts or as intellectual of thoughts as some of you might have. Well…here we go! Okay, so I would love to start off with the fact that I absolutely love Jane Erye. My two favorite books are Great Expectations and The Grapes of Wrath, so the style of this novel is something that I feel comfortable with. I think that the author of this book has done very with how she phrases her sentences and how she chooses her vocabulary. So far, I think the part that has really hit me is when Jane sticks up to Mrs. Reed early on in the book. I think that this shows how she is starting to become assertive, not aggressive in her “wicked” ways. I also like this part because I have a hard time being assertive and I could picture myself as Jane while reading. Moreover, I think that this is where Jane finally starts to see her self as a subject, not an object, which is what we mentioned I in class. Just a side note, I’m pretty shy about speaking in class, but I love to read and I do listen to what everyone says, even though I don’t speak. J Also, I immediately could tell that when Jane saw Mr. Rochester for the first time that she was in love. Did any body else get that feeling? What do you guys think?

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  1. You're doing fine! And, yes, she and Rochester totally spark when they first meet!