Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Response to Sophia and Jill

Because blogger won't let me post on Sophia's here it is, so I don't lose it!

To both of you, I agree. Sophia, I think that Saleem definitely comes off as arrogant. To go along with "the baby that got mentioned in the newspaper" part of your argument Sophia, it wasn't even him that was supposed to be mentioned! I mean he was switched at birth, and this idea completely confuses me with how Saleem thinks of himself because if he was with his birth parents, or should I say birth father because his mother died during the birth of her son, would he still see himself this way? Would he still see himself as basically the best "thing" that's ever happened to India. I personally don't think so because I think a lot of who he is is influenced by his parents.
Jill, I don't know how I feel about Saleem thinking he needs validation. I only say this because he seem so confident and that he just wants to essentially brag about what he can do and it seems to me that he just wants all of India to know that he is the best and that all attention should be focused on him.

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